image from Cloud Mushrooms performance
Cloud Mushrooms is a modular performance structure that develops in response to the site, content and audience. In the various versions of the piece Ultimate Dancer and Fritz Welch will run loose through a shadow at night; pull up all the floorboards and sift through the dust underneath; exhale hopelessness until utter depletion; imitate thunderclaps with even louder repercussions; shutter at the thought of your tears and stand on each other’s shoulders while consulting history. They will take clues from flowers and plants to transcribe into Morse code for heartbeats. They will dance like snakes on a legless sunrise. And they will transmute awfulness from the evilest ills.

Cloud Mushrooms is a performance developed and presented as part of Arches Live and further developed through a commission from Take Me Somewhere Festival.

Created and performed by: Louise Ahl and Fritz Welch 
Photography Fritz Welch