A gang of hyper-present beings occupy a mystic underworld, seeking answers to life’s big existential questions. Wrapped up in a cosmic sonic blanket, these weirdos go pro in this trip into the unknown. The performance space becomes an alternative reality with dark energies, roaming spirits, occult rituals and loads of smoke.

HOLY SMOKE is based on investigations into healing and personal-transformative practices using movement and sound. The piece explores the parallel qualities between a guided shamanic journey (a visionary journey into the spirit world in which the participant would seek answers to personal questions) and the experience of live performance. HOLY SMOKE takes shape as a choreographed healing process, and includes deconstructed messages of love and kindness, dreamy spells cast backwards and a pop song - sung in reverse.


“A quest for spiritual enlightenment - with an immediacy beyond words - so intense your eardrums shiver.”
(The Herald, 2015)

“Atmospheric, cheekily humorous, and (ultimately) mesmerising.” (Across the Arts, 2015)

“Sometimes you witness a work of art that shifts the axis of your thinking/ experience and won't let go of your mind. You return to again and again, you piece it back together, and you love it more. Louise Ahl in Holy Smoke has done just that. I can't stop thinking about it”. (Sarah Munro – Director at Tramway, 2015)

Choreography: Louise Ahl
Originally Created and performed by: Divina Kniest, Fritz Welch, Jer Reid, Rachel Gammon and Ultimate Dancer
Sculptures/Set: Fritz Welch
Sound: Jer Reid
Photography: Julia Bauer
Co-produced by Tramway and developed in partnership with: The Work Room, Beacon Arts Centre, CCA Glasgow and Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte.
Kindly supported by: Creative Scotland