This is not a Dance is Ultimate Dancer’s first piece of work and presented as Louise Ahl’s final performance project at Dartington College of Arts in 2010, with the aim to transfer the concept of quotations and recycling into dance language to create a dance with no or collective authorship.

“The mash-up of styles, the determined iconoclasm – big name choreographers are not safe from being absorbed in this Ultimate Dance – and the subversive wit are all signifiers of Ultimate Dancer’s post-modern temper. And yet, in seeking to kill ideas about dance in order to allow dance to be born again, Ultimate Dancer is following the most ancient and profound meta-narratives, acting as a shaman to discover and bring back new knowledge and forge possibilities.” (The Skinny, 2011)

“The Ultimate Anti-Dance Performance Artist makes a point of creating a dance of her own: partially a comical performance, partially a defiant anti-institutional performance.” (, 2011)

“This is not a Dance is a brave, neck-on-the-line piece of performance art.” (, 2011)

“An in-yer-face manifesto that has attitude.” (The Herald, 2011)

Created and performed by: Louise Ahl / Ultimate Dancer
Music by: Luke Wilson
Photography: Laura Firby and Maria Falconer